Is the ICO market on decline? Why you shouldn't launch an ICO in Q4 2017.

Is the ICO market on decline? Maybe, maybe not. There are some big factors at play. I tell founders that they should NOT hold an ICO sale right in Q4. Here's why:

  1. BitcoinGold + SegWit2x the Bitcoin splits made many convert all their alts into Bitcoin & hold.

SCIENCE INC's ICO extended by few weeks. Sent out a letter detailing that many large investors/whales holding out.

  1. Holiday Season is here. Investments slowing down.
    Holiday marketing costs. Black Friday to Christmas. Nightmare to compete against as a marketer.

  2. ICO Trust issues. Tezos, $232m ICO is facing class action suit. Very large ICO that is having some internal issues.

  3. Quality projects are skipping until Q1 to set the tone for 2018.

Many are running private sales in Nov + Dec. What's left are tokens who are not taking these marketing factors into account. Maybe quick buck financing.

Not all Q4 tokens are bad quality though.

  1. Market is getting smarter, very fast. Lot of Negative ROI for ICOs.

  2. Regulation & Education. Still many on the fence about participating.
    Many still have no clue. Huge boost in Bitcoin ebooks & courses.

***Q1 2018 will maybe see another rise of big ICOs. ***

Have you participated in ICOs? Have you changed your buys?
I look at ICOStats, TokenData for my data.