Join us for Token Sale Summit

Join industry leaders launching, participating in, and engineering token sales.


This Saturday, September 16th, 2017 at 12:00 pm PST join the summit to hear insights from leaders and innovators in the token sale, cryptocurrency, and Blockchain space. The conference will be hosted for free to those who register for access at


The speakers will cover several topics such as:
(1) The current token sale market and what’s ahead
(2) How to launch a successful token sale
(3) Securities-tokens and the SEC’s recent release
(4) What’s ahead for Ethereum and Bitcoin
(5) New innovations in tokens & smart contracts
The sessions will be broken down into the following:
(1) Investing in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Infrastructure
(2) Cryptocurrency Meets Established Industries
(3) The Token Sale Market & What’s Ahead
(4) Launching A Successful Token Sale
(5) SEC Regulations, Securities & Tokens
(6) Token Performance & Post-Token Sale Trends
(7) Cryptocurrency for Social & Economic Impact


If you are interested in joining the summit just sign up on the below website and tune in Saturday, we’ll see you there!

CoinCircle is an end-to-end tokenization solution that designs, engineers, funds, and markets tokens and token sales. CoinCircle has partnered with Unikrn, the first player in the esports market and developer of the Unikoin. Unikrn, founded by esports industry pioneer Rahul Sood sits at the intersection of video games, sports, and betting and operates as a licensed bookmaker.


Join us for Token Sale Summit
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